Test CHATGPT and DALL-E for free without needing to sign up, create an account, or provide a phone number. Get answers to your questions using OpenAI's neural network. The artificial intelligence DALL-E also allows you to generate original images. You can write or speak in any language, request a translation, and listen to it thanks to the built-in voice synthesis.
No installation is required; everything is free and accessible directly online. If you check the 'image' option, you will receive a very realistic image based on the question asked, which is really cool!
For example, you can write: Translate into French: 'Hello, friends.' Then select an 'Francais' (or 'english') voice in the audio options and press the 'Send' button. ChatGPT's translations are of excellent quality.
ChatGPT is even capable of translating into Reunionese, Mauritian, Martinican Creole, and more. ChatGPT version 3.5 Turbo and version 4 are available on this site. New in preview: DALLE 3 for image creation
New in preview: Image analysis with GPT4 Turbo AI can understand the image and answer your questions. You can ask it to identify an object, fruits, solve a handwritten equation, give an art critique... or simply describe what it sees! Really cool!

Ask your question

Generate image Click if you want a response from GPT-4 (otherwise, GPT-3.5 by default)

Number of Remaining Characters: 1200

Image analysis

Take a photo and click on it for analysis. It understands the context and handwriting, really cool! Click here

Online Voice Translation

You need to translate a sentence from someone who doesn't speak your language Click here

Translate text from a photo

You're at a restaurant abroad, you don't understand anything on the menu? Choose a translation language (yours), take a photo, and get an immediate translation of the text! Click here

Create an image variant.

Ask the AI to create a variant of an uploaded image. From the uploaded photo, the neural system will generate a new image Click here

Edit an area

Upload a photo, specify the area to edit, and describe what you'd like to create a new, cool image! However, it's important to request things that are fairly realistic, or at least that the AI can interpret Click here

Chat with translation

Chat online with a foreign person with real-time translation Click here

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